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[software]Mailcharm - http://website.lineone.net/~k_grant/mailcharm/mailcharm.html
Mailcharm makes mail a cinch. If you are using a current client, theres no problem trying to run this one. At the startup of the program, it automatically gets your e-mail setting. Mailcharm comes with an address book, and it can be used for multiple accounts. Youll find this program useful. Note: For MacOS systems 8.6 and above.
Keywords: macintosh
Downloads: 25
[software]WAPT - http://www.loadtestingtool.com
This is a load and stress testing tool for Web sites and intranet applications with a Web interface. It provides accurate load simulations and run-time test data generation. It can record and play back secure HTTPS requests and also provides graphs and reports.
Keywords: WAPT; Internet; Servers; Server utilities; WAPT
Downloads: 62
[software]Word Tracer - http://members.aol.com/bobuu/
Word Tracer is like a wordsearch for your computer. You have letters on your screen that you connect together with a circle and lines. After you think you've spelled a word, click on the check mark to see if you're right. Good luck.
Keywords: macintosh
Downloads: 40
[software]Rt-Plot - http://www.rt-science.de/rt-plot.html
This tool generates Cartesian X-Y plots from scientific data. You can enter and calculate tabular data, and view the changing graphs. Graphs can show linear and non-linear regression, interpolation, differentiation and integration.
Keywords: Rt-Plot; Business; Engineering; Graphs; RtPlot; Rt-Plot
Downloads: 59
[software]grepArtee - http://www.geditcom.com/grepArtee
The is a graphical user interface for the Unix grep command. The grep command lets you search any text file for patterns. The pattern can be any string of text or can use Unix regular expressions for sophisticated pattern matching. You can search a single file or use standard Unix methods to specify many files. The search can be for files in a single directory or extended recursively to include files in subdirectories.
Keywords: macintosh
Downloads: 31
[software]Dots - http://www.mcs.drexel.edu/~udkershn
emember when you played Dots as a child? Well, now the game is back for your Mac. Connect as many dots as you can without letting the other player connect dots from your dots. Does that make any sense? If it doesnt, it will once you download Dots and play it. Have fun!
Keywords: macintosh
Downloads: 23
[software]GolfCard (Revo Version) - http://www.cix.co.uk/~mpsystems/golfcard/
GolfCard is the complete database and scoring system for the keen golfer who wishes to keep track of his or her golfing history. GolfCard was first released in 1992 and is available for all of the other Psion platforms (3/3a/3c/Siena), and it is now being released for the Psion Revo. It knows all the popular match formats and can also print out scorecards. There's no limit to the number of matches that can be stored, so the user can start to build up his or her lifetime golfing history...
Keywords: palm pilot; palm pilot software; palm pilot downloads; palm; palm os; downloads; palm downloads
Downloads: 65
[software]Bryht FlashApp Builder - http://www.bryht.com
This Flash application building tool can pack a set of files into an executable runtime file which can play Flash files when it is started, and save data to a local system. You can pack any type of files into one executable runtime, add Flash play control and customize the application icon. You have registry access and database access. Retrieve Owner information from the Pocket PC. Allows for extending the API of the flash application with custom plugin dynamic link library.
Keywords: Bryht FlashApp Builder; System and utilities; Development; Authoring tools; Bryht FlashApp Builder
Downloads: 58
[software]Audi Sports Car
This is a background image of an Audi Sports Car that was submitted by Mathieu Brugman.
Keywords: palm pilot; palm pilot software; palm pilot downloads; palm; palm os; downloads; palm downloads
Downloads: 50
[software]Skweezer - http://www.greenlightwireless.net/skweezer/default.asp
This is a Web-based service that reformats large-screen Web pages for viewing on small-screen devices, such as wireless-enabled PDAs and SmartPhones. Content optimized with Skweezer is intelligently stacked, so that side-to-side scrolling is reduced or eliminated. Skweezed pages also have a reduced file size, which translates into faster page-loading speeds and lower wireless data service charges. It is bundled with SmartMail, an integrated mobile e-mail solution that provides management of POP3...
Keywords: palm pilot; palm pilot software; palm pilot downloads; palm; palm os; downloads; palm downloads
Downloads: 21
[software]Auto99 - http://www.4tone.com
Auto99 helps manage car information. Track your odometer, bills, fuel mileage, oil checkups, trips, and more.
Keywords: palm pilot; palm pilot software; palm pilot downloads; palm; palm os; downloads; palm downloads
Downloads: 40
[software]USENET Message Poster 2003 - http://www.exibitionsoftware.com
This Usenet program is designed specifically for posting mass messages to newsgroups.
Downloads: 98
[software]Poker Solitaire
Build a Poker hand vertically and horizontally in a 5x5 matrix by placing each card down, one at a time.
Keywords: palm pilot; palm pilot software; palm pilot downloads; palm; palm os; downloads; palm downloads
Downloads: 16
[software]Dumbatrix - http://www.whenharrymetlloyd.com/
This screen saver portrays the Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd take on The Matrix.
Keywords: macintosh
Downloads: 26
[software]SafeCat - http://www.DigitalFriedChicken.com
SafeCat enables you to have a current copy of your cat's health record at your fingertips. You can also give a printed copy of critical information to people who are responsible for your cat when you are not present. For more detailed information, including on updates, please read the documentation or visit the home page.
Keywords: macintosh
Downloads: 15
[software]GrooveRecorder - http://www.timeac.de/grooverecorder
GrooveRecorder is a direct-to-disc AIFF recorder with scheduling and dividing functions. Auto-divide the recordings into segments of 74 minutes, 80 minutes, three hours or whatever you need. CD quality can be obtained for as long as three and a half hours. Radio show recordings can be made this way, and disc jockeys can easily make mix tapes. With GrooveRecorder's built-in threshold sampling function, it's easy to divide recordings with pauses into several pieces...
Keywords: macintosh
Downloads: 27
[software]Criline Search and Replace - http://www.criline.com
This text search-and-replace program supports regular expressions.
Keywords: Criline Search and Replace; Internet; Web building tools; Search-and-replace; Criline Replacer
Downloads: 32
[software]Writing Numbers Part 2 - http://www.polymathlove.com
Writing Numbers Part 2 is a little program for practicing translating numerals from the written-out versions. It sounds easy, but you really have to think it out. Note: It works on any Macintosh.
Keywords: macintosh
Downloads: 28
[software]WorldCup - http://www.smilesoft.150m.com
Here are all of the fixtures, teams and groups for the 2002 World Cup.
Keywords: palm pilot; palm pilot software; palm pilot downloads; palm; palm os; downloads; palm downloads
Downloads: 30
[software]Philippine Golf Course Ratings
This application is simple to use and great if you are planning a golfing trip to the Philippines. This database gives you information such as where golf course is, the name of the course, the par and slope rating, and even the tee color.
Keywords: palm pilot; palm pilot software; palm pilot downloads; palm; palm os; downloads; palm downloads
Downloads: 22
[software]iCalc - http://www.sidewaysdesign.com/home.html
Tired of the old Apple Calculator, the same one that youve been staring at since MacPaint was the hottest thing? Got a snazzy new iMac and need the latest accoutrements that matches your wonderful sense of style? Beset with a beige box, and want to test drive the iMac [not to mention the iBook] look, in whatever way possible? To celebrate the one-year anniversary of the iMac, and the look that put Apple back in the spotlight, Sideways designed iCalc...
Keywords: macintosh
Downloads: 15
[software]Key Pack - http://www.keypack.com
Key Pack is a simple program that enables you to view, save, back up, and print any authentication information you may have gathered from Internet and application use. Instead of having to remember all of your critical login information, this program will allow you to sort and search your created database of records for any information you've entered. You can create a link in the record to quickly bouce you to the Web page of your choice...
Keywords: Key Pack; System and utilities; Security; Password managers; key; pack; security
Downloads: 31
[software]ESBPDF Analysis - http://www.esbconsult.com/
This program provides everything needed for using discrete and continuous probability distributions. It includes binomial, Poisson, normal, exponential, student, Chi squared, F and lognormal distributions.
Keywords: ESBPDF Analysis; Business; Education and reference; Math; ESBPDF Analysis
Downloads: 44
[software]Email Checker - http://www.carnationsoftware.com/carnation/EmailChecker.html
Email Checker lets you connect to the Internet, get mail, and then hang up or disconnect. You can even get mail when you're already connected to the Internet. Email Checker supports Claris Emailer, Claris Emailer Lite, Eudora Pro, Eudora Light and Outlook Express. It is also now Compatible with Outlook Express 5.
Keywords: macintosh
Downloads: 26
[software]Soupermail - http://soupermail.sourceforge.net/
Soupermail is a generic form to e-mail handler that handles things like PGP/GPG encryption, file upload, saving form contents to a file, multiple file and e-mail templates, multiple recipients, cookies, form expiry dates, sending HTML formatted mail and a lots of other useful stuff.
Keywords: linux; unix; software; GPL
Downloads: 26
[software]aealien - http://www.freewebs.com/mrjoni/aealien.html
In this 3D game, you shoot all of the evil green aliens in 10 levels.
Keywords: macintosh
Downloads: 38
[software]TicketPicker - http://www.worldchat.com/public/inventor/cesoftware.htm
This program picks the numbers for lotto draws. You select a 6//39 or 7/49 draw and the number of tickets and the program generates the tickets for the games. Note: Requires runtime files for Pocket Visual Basic.
Keywords: palm pilot; palm pilot software; palm pilot downloads; palm; palm os; downloads; palm downloads
Downloads: 20
[software]Megaping - http://www.magnetosoft.com/products/megaping/megaping_features.htm
This toolkit includes a comprehensive security scanner, a port scanner, an IP scanner, a NetBIOS scanner and a share scanner. All scanners can scan individual computers, any range of IP addresses, domains and selected types of computers inside domains. The security scanner provides the following information: NetBIOS name, configuration info, missing security patches, installed service packs, open TCP and UDP ports, transports, shares, users, groups, SNMP, services, drivers, local drives, session...
Keywords: Megaping; Internet; Monitoring; All-in-one; Megaping
Downloads: 69
[software]iInventory - http://www.iinventory.com
This program lets you inventory your Windows, Mac and Linux computers for their hardware and software configuration. You can use it to create small portable inventory agents and run the agents via disk, e-mail, LAN, WAN, login script, the Internet or an intranet on your target computers. You can import the files generated by the agents and the audit data is uncompressed and stored in a standard MS Access 2000 database.
Keywords: iInventory; Internet; Network administration; Inventory; iinventory; lan; auditor
Downloads: 74
[software]Championship Hearts - http://dq.com
This is a hearts game that you can play against computer opponents, against friends over a LAN or over the Internet. You can play on a PC or using GPRS or Bluetooth. It provides interactive tutorials, hints, undo and replay. You can keep statistics to track your success and improve your strategy. Variations included are Jack of Diamonds, Spot, Gates and Sunshots. There are five skill levels and 200 deck and table combinations...
Keywords: palm pilot; palm pilot software; palm pilot downloads; palm; palm os; downloads; palm downloads
Downloads: 59
[software]NameWiz - http://softbytelabs.com/
This program allows you to rename files, folders and sub-folders. It provides options for using sequential numbers and letters. You can also add prefixes and suffixes, change or add file extensions, specify capitalization rules, and sort by name, size, extension, date and time, and ascending and descending order. It also provides a thumbnail viewer. The MP3 plugin lets you rename your MP3 files using the music headers, such as author name, album name or song name...
Keywords: NameWiz; System and utilities; File tools; File renaming; NameWiz
Downloads: 110
[software]CLModem PPP Driver - http://linmodems.org/
CLModem is a driver for the CL-MD5620DT Winmodem chip set by Ambient Tech that supports PPP.
Keywords: linux; unix; software; GPL
Downloads: 12
[software]GrafEq PPC - http://www.peda.com/grafeq
Unlike other graphing programs, GrafEq mathematically proves that its graphs are correct, and can reliably graph a much wider range of relations than any other graphing program or calculator. GrafEq has many unique features that are designed for classroom use that other software products overlook. For example, the font size may be greatly increased, which is useful for demonstrations. For more information, including pricing and later updates, please read the documentation or visit the home page.
Keywords: macintosh
Downloads: 82
[software]PayPal Link Maker - http://boxandlocks.com
This desktop application creates PayPal payment links without requiring you to go online. You can choose to automatically save links to your clipboard, open them directly in your browser or create a instant link file.
Keywords: macintosh
Downloads: 35
[software]KLab - http://www-chaos.umd.edu/~dsweet/KDE/KLab/index.html
KLab is based on RLab, a matrix math engine and high-level prototyping language interpreter. It provides plotting services through externally-defined functions. This function base will be modified and extended as needed to interface with KLab. The plan is to provide a plot window, an RLab command entry window, simplified matrix entry by way of a spreadsheet-like grid, point-and-click plot editing, drag-and-drop support, active UI controls, and a proprietary format so that plots and variables can...
Keywords: linux; unix; software; GPL
Downloads: 8
[software]QuizWiz - http://www.palmtoplearning.com
What's the capitol of Michigan? The choices are: Lansing, Detroit and Traverse City. If you have an inquiring mind, why not test yourself with QuizWiz? This application has all different kinds of quizzes that you can take to see just how knowledgeable you are. There are quizzes on things like: Vocabulary Foreign languages History Math Science Choose from Flash cards, Multiple Choice and True or False...
Keywords: palm pilot; palm pilot software; palm pilot downloads; palm; palm os; downloads; palm downloads
Downloads: 26
[software]Pocket Album - http://www.tcp-ip.or.jp/~setsu/
This application allows you to browse and view picture files. It also acts as a library and format converter. One file can hold 24 pictures, along with corresponding comments. Supported formats include: QuickTime 4.0, BMP, FlashPix, JPEG, GIF, Macromedia Flash, MacPaint, PICT, PhotoShop, PNG, SGI image, QuickTime image, TIFF and TARGA. Note: Caution: Pocket Album files do not store picture data -- only references to the actual files...
Keywords: macintosh
Downloads: 14
[software]Keystrokes Pronouncer - http://alphaomega.software.free.fr
This program allows you to hear each pronounceable key you press on your keyboard.
Keywords: macintosh
Downloads: 16
[software]Unscramble - http://tac.elps.vt.edu/htmldocs/Software/Macintosh/LanguageArts.shtml
Unscramble teaches you about letters and words by challenging you to unscramble mixed-up words.
Keywords: macintosh
Downloads: 19
[software]Spryte Christmas
Snowflakes fall over a cartoon image of a sprite holding a sign that says Merry Christmas.
Keywords: software downloads; software; Downloads
Downloads: 17
[software]HitBox Enterprise - http://www.hitboxenterprise.com
HitBox Enterprise: Internet Audience Intelligence for eBusiness. Access your Web site's statistics instantly - all in real-time. Note: This PQA has only been tested on a Palm VII.
Keywords: palm pilot; palm pilot software; palm pilot downloads; palm; palm os; downloads; palm downloads
Downloads: 16
[software]Y2K Bugs - http://i.am/micro_cheng
Kill Y2K Bugs with your WindowsCE device, in this simple action game.
Keywords: palm pilot; palm pilot software; palm pilot downloads; palm; palm os; downloads; palm downloads
Downloads: 17
[software]NudgeMouser - http://www.patchdance.com/
NudgeMouser 2 has a mouse lock feature and allows you to click the mouse from the keyboard. Why is this good, and why is it better than Apple's free Easy Access? NudgeMouser can move as little as 1/6 pixel per keypress, allowing very fine adjustment. It lets you operate the mouse without touching it, thus eliminating mouse jitter and those annoying "twitches" when you release the button. It also allows you to drag things you can't normally control with the arrow keys, such as controls and indivi...
Keywords: macintosh
Downloads: 43
[software]PictureTheBatch - http://www.q-technologies.biz/PictureTheBatch
This program transforms and enhances digital photos. It provides image editing functions such as resizing, converting and rotating, and offers advanced filtering, color manipulation and watermarking.
Keywords: PictureTheBatch; Multimedia; Image tools; Batch image processing and conversion; PictureTheBatch
Downloads: 54
TripCalc is a handy, easy-to-use tool for figuring the cost and time of trips. Lets face it, everyone can use this practical tool, because who wants to run out of money while on vacation?
Keywords: macintosh
Downloads: 21
[software]CryptoPage - http://www.p3ptools.com/?category=products
This program encrypts Web page source code. The user-definable tool allows server-side HTML tags for ASP and PHP to be recognized.
Keywords: CryptoPage; Internet; Web building tools; Web site encryption; CryptoPage
Downloads: 78
[software]Button Builder - http://www.realmacs.co.uk
Button Builder (formerly Aquamatic) is an easy way to make aqua buttons to put on your Web site for that special OS X appearance. Customize the buttons with colors, fonts, dimensions and text options to give it your personality. It may also be exported to other formats, including JPEG. The home page has some plug-in downloads to add to the Button Builder application. For more detailed information, including on updates, please read the documentation or visit the home page.
Keywords: macintosh
Downloads: 19
[software]GHome Mover - http://www.brookepeig.com/ghomemover
This program copies a home directory from one user to another. It also looks at the files for references to the old directory and replaces them with the references of the new directory. Ownership is also changed.
Keywords: linux; unix; software; GPL
Downloads: 8
[software]Emotion #3
Third in the Emotion series
Keywords: software downloads; software; Downloads
Downloads: 21
[software]Umix - http://www.ionstream.fi/sakari/umix/
Umix is a utility for adjusting sound card volume controls. You can adjust the mixer settings either from the command line or from a full-screen curses interface that is similar to Aumix. Umix currently supports only Linux and OSS, but it has been designed with modularity in mind, so new drivers and UIs can be easily implemented.
Keywords: linux; unix; software; GPL
Downloads: 35
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